National TU Dnipro Polytechnic Compliance with the Time



The persons with full secondary education, as well as those who received education and qualification of junior specialist (for short term training) are accepted for the bachelor's level in Marketing, on condition entering the similar specialties (for details ).

Terms of study depending on the education forms:
  • based on secondary education:
  • full-time, extramural, evening form - 4 years
  • at the level of junior specialist:
  • day, evening form - 2 years
    extramural form - 3 years

    To become a versatile specialist you will receive not only theoretical but also practical knowledge during the education. On the first four courses of training you will learn discipline, which are studied by economists in any field in all universities of Ukraine: Business economics, Finance and Accounting, Management, Personnel management and others. This will allow you to work, if its necessary, not only in Marketing but also in Finance, Accounting and of course Management in the future. With the first-year you will also learn professional disciplines: the Basics of Marketing and Marketing Research, Quality Management and Pricing, Technology, Sales, Advertising, PR and many others. All professional courses are teached using modern information and computer technology, without which the business of the XXI century is unthinkable.
    Marketing education at the State High Educational Establishment National Mining University- is not only the traditional classroom education. Our department strives to give you theoretical knowledge, and also to combine them with the practical education.

    After the first year youll be able to try yourself as an expert on consumer behavior, after the second year of the education - make your own market research, on the third - to design the "business plan".
    During education we use the forms of business games, where modeled any situation. Trainings, discussions the cases at the round table, open lectures with the leading domestic and foreign experts will help you to become the qualified specialists. You can make sure by yourself here look the video report of the Business Game on "Psychology of PR and Advertising"

    Open lecture
    Ph.D. (Economics) N. Sopilko
    Peoples Friendship University of Russia
    (Moscow, Russia)
    "The Main Trends of Modern Marketing: Marketing 3.0

    Students of our department regularly take part in market research for companies in the city and the region, organizing and carrying out promotional and PR-activities.
    Students organise the PR-action during the open day
    Conducting surveys and prepare reports on market research conducted

    You will be able to deep your knowledge and wide your professional horizons at the International Student Conference in English, which is always conducted by the Department of Marketing (Offline ), and visit the other conferences supported by the National Mining University.

    Annual Awards Ceremony
    International Scientific Conference Majesty of Marketing 2006-2011rr.

    konf5226.JPG Students regularly take part in various events, competitions, contests, which took prizes. This is a National student competition in the specialty "Marketing", the annual forums practical marketing knowledge "B2B" Contests marketing plans, conducted by CEUME, Prydneprovsk festival student advertising business game Promar and others who held leading educational institutions of Ukraine and Russia.

    The 4-year student was directly Marketing Diploma II degree for participation in the second stage of the Ukrainian Student Olympiad on specialty "Marketing".
    April 15, 2011, Kyiv.