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The main directions of MARKETING TECHNOLOGIES CENTRE`s activities


1. In the field of education:

· creating conditions for creative development of gifted individuals and individual work with students to prepare professionals for research, scientific, educational and organizational activities;

· Involving students in research related to marketing activity of organizations with a goal of mastering applications and production of new knowledges for resolution of problematic professional tasks;

· organization of training, production and research practices of university students of the State Higher Educational Institute "NMU" specialty "Marketing";

· organizing and conducting training, including internships and training specialists of enterprises, organizations and institutions, including structural subdivisions of the State Higher Educational Institute "NMU", which related to the necessity of knowledge for planning long-term market policies and the implementation of a comprehensive market strategy.

2. In the field of science:

· to provide the research in the field of marketing educational services to HEI: university positioning, measuring the effectiveness of marketing efforts of HEI, methods of presenting information to target groups of abiturients, the calculations of a planning prices of educational services;

· to provide scientific research in entrepreneurship, marketing and management;

· accumulation, systematization, analysis and dissemination of information, knowledge and experience on the profile of the Centre;

· preparation, publication and dissemination of relevant teaching and reference and information publications and documentation;

· consultancy, scientific, practical and other services for marketing companies, organizations, individuals, governmental institutions, of the State University "NMU";

· the evaluation and examination of the organizations customers and providing them with scientific and practical assistance in the creation and debugging of services marketing;

· to study of supply and demand for services and work on the profile of the Centre, providing advertising, design and mediation services in this field.

The organization of scientific-methodical seminars, meetings, conferences on the theory and practice of marketing.

4. Implementation of the cooperation of higher educational institutions, organizations, businesses, individual professionals to the development of contacts in marketing and entrepreneurship.

5 The establishment and development of international contact center and its members with similar organizations and experts in marketing abroad, mutual exchange of information, software and scientific and methodological materials.

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