National TU Dnipro Polytechnic Compliance with the Time


Reshetilova.jpg Tetyana B. Reshetilova
Dr. Sc. (Economics), Professor, Head of Marketing Department, Director of the Center of Marketing Technologies SHEI NMU

Member of the section "Marketing" of Scientific Commission of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, member of the board directors of Ukrainian Association of Marketing, Trainer of the European Marketing Confederation of professional certification for marketers, Member of Editorial Journals Board "Marketing in Ukraine", "Scientific Bulletin of NMU", "Innovations in the Crisis Conditions" (Russia, Moscow), Member of Specialized Scientific Council D 08.080.01 in SHEI "NMU". An expert in Pricing, Communication Policy and Business Competitiveness. Leader of the Joint Project NATO-Ukraine Resettlement Program "Marketing Management". Author of the manual Successful Marketing.

Dovgan.jpg Sergei M. Dovgan
Ph. D. (Science), Professor

An expert in Marketing Research and Strategic Management. Author of textbooks "Marketing Research", "Mathematical modeling in Marketing." Coach of the European Marketing Confederation of professional certification for marketers. Supervisor of Corporate trainings "Marketing," "Management", "Personnel Management". Participation in projects: NATO-Ukraine Resettlement Program "Marketing Management", "The Development Strategy of coal industry of Ukraine till 2030" development.

Palehova.jpg Ludmila L. Palehova
Ph. D. (Economics), Associate Professor

An expert in Industrial and Regional Marketing, Strategic Management and Economic Analysis. Participation in UNDP project "Capacity Building Strategic Environmental Assessment in Ukraine" as an independent consultant of sustainable region development.

Pilova.jpg Catherine P. Pilova
Ph. D. (Economics), Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Marketing Department

An expert in Product Policy. Co-author of the textbook "Industrial Marketing" published in the Russian Federation. Project Coordinator of cooperation between Marketing Department of SHEI NMU and Engineering Business Department of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. Participation in NATO-Ukraine Resettlement Program "Marketing Management".

Konstantin M. Kovtun
Ph. D. (Economics), Associate Professor

An expert in Logistics and Marketing Communications. Participation in projects: "Leaders vector direction in business", course "Personal Development Training for Top-Management" in School of Management Consultants in ANE of the Russian Federation Government of Professor A. Prigozhine (Moscow), the author's course "Competitiveness of enterprise and the system "Normalization / 5S, "Enterprise Management in an Unstable Environment", "Enterprise System Management Optimization" and others. The author of the textbook "Logistics".

Chumachenko.jpg Tetyana M. Chumachenko
Ph. D. (Chemistry), Associate Professor

An expert in International Marketing. Coordinator of Advertising and Exhibition Activities of SHEI NMU, coordinator of graduates employment of SHEI NMU. Author of textbooks in the field of International Marketing.

Shinkarenko.jpg Natalia V. Shinkarenko
Ph. D. (Economics), Associate Professor
An expert in Sales and Exhibition Activities. Coordinator of vocational work of the Marketing Department. Participation in NATO-Ukraine Resettlement Program "Marketing Management".

Makuha.jpg Yurii M. Makukha

An expert in Logistics, Marketing, Accounting and Information Technologies. Co-author of the textbook "Fundamentals of Logistics."