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Master's programme - is the next level of higher professional education after receiving a Bachelor's degree, which allows to deepen specialization for specific professional purposes, after - provides an opportunity to be engage in research and teaching activity. Marketing Department of the National Mining University gives you an opportunity to get a Master's degree at one of the following training programs:

  • Advertising Management
  • Marketing strategic management
  • International Marketing

On the Master's Programme training accept the persons who obtained the education level of bachelor or specialist. Terms of study in Master's programme depends on the selecting form of studying:

  • full-time education, evening tuition - 1,5 year
  • part-time education - 1 year 8months

The main task of Master's programme - is training of professionals in analytical, consulting and research activities in the field of marketing management that can build their own commodity, pricing, marketing and communications strategies and companies tactics in consumer and industrial sectors of economics.
Graduates with a master's degree is more competitive and indispensable in the labor market, may pretend to higher paying positions than bachelors and specialists. Graduates of the Master's programme:

  • have the best practices in company organization
  • knowledgeable in the field of information and technological developments
  • have deep knowledge, skills and practical skills in the chosen direction of professional

The basis of training in the magistrates are special marketing disciplines: marketing strategies management, brand management, advertising management, financial management, media planning, strategic management and other essential marketing discipline. Training is based also on an active independent research work of students. Business and role plays, situational tasks and case studies, trainings, are widely used and allows students to create, develop and improve their professional level in addition to traditional learning technologies.

Schedule of training builds according to individual opportunities of combination education and professional skills development in the enterprise. After graduation students protect their master's thesis, which is an independent research project, carried out under the supervision of Professor.

Master's programme graduates have advantages in the labor market due to the high level of training and enhanced studying modules of subjects according to the chosen direction. Masters of all programs a few basic disciplines (consumer behavior, information technology in marketing, marketing activities evaluation, intellectual product marketing) and separately disciplines of specialization because Master program is a relevant professional knowledge:

  • Marketing strategic management" - marketing strategies management, market segmentation and positioning, tools of strategic management, marketing competitive strategies.
  • International Marketing" - competitive strategies in international markets, international markets and trade unions, segmentation of global markets, global marketing communications.
  • Advertising Management" - media planning, advertising strategy, sociology and psychology of advertising, brand management.

Classes are held by qualified teachers of the department who have not only academic degrees and titles, but both are practitioners in various areas of marketing activity with many years of experience.
The quality level of magisters training in our university recognized by employers not only our region but also all over Ukraine and Russia. Training enables our students to receive awards on the scientific and practical competitions at various levels. Master`s theses at various times recieves appreciation in Russian competitions "Best master`s theses in marketing", that are held by Marketers guild of Russia and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (student Y. Kulyukina - 1st place, student M. Kolyada - 2nd place).

Master's programme today - is the best supposition in career progression!
Traditional prom Festive, colorful and unforgettable
World marketing guru Jack Trout presents diploma to the student of Marketing Department NMU for the best Master`s theses (Moscow, Russia)
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