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Head of department is Tetyana B. RESHETILOVA,

Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor.

Phones.: +38(056)744-62-10

The department was founded in 2000.

Department trains specialists in the direction of "Marketing", specialty "Marketing", and three master's programs: "Advertising Management", "International Marketing", "Marketing strategic management."

The level of training: Bachelor, Master.

The staff of the department consists of 4 professors, 7 associate professors, and 5 assistants. All professors and associate professors combine their work as top managers in organizations; some of them are owners of trade, consulting, and auditing firms. This provides training adapted to the business requirements.

The system of training masters in marketing is intended to prepare future leaders of firms and their subdivisions who are able: to develop the strategy of firm behavior in the market, to find profitable markets with the help of marketing research, to carry out the product policy of the firm, to organize sale and supply for the firm, to carry on an advertising campaign, to organize exhibitions and fairs, make and draw up contracts. 

The department carries out an active research work, and students are engaged in it from the first course. Even today the results of the students’ work of the department are highly evaluated at All-Ukrainian competitions on scientific works, international students conferences and Olympiads, abroad and in Ukraine.

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